The human body is prone to injury due to a network of fragile connective tissues. Through exercise, lifting, pulling and pushing, we are bound to endure an injury of some form.

Prolotherapy is an alternative method to stimulate the repair of connective tissue. The Mayo Clinic stated that when chronic ligament and tendon pain such as low back or neck  pain fail to respond to conservative methods. Prolotherapy could be extremely successful. Additionally, when surgery remains the only option to relive such chronic pain, Prolotherapy is a far less invasive and expensive option.

With a series of injections, designed to produce localized inflammation, Prolotherapy treats injured tissue. With injury, inflammation is natural response, which stimulates substances to flow through the blood to the site of injury to promote healing. Since ligaments and tendons lack the blood flow needed, it is common for them to heal incompletely, unless appropriately stimulated.

While some injections provide temporary relief, Prolotherapy are designed to provide permanent benefit. There are several studies that show the benefits of Prolotherapy. For more information on Prolotherapy please click here!