Radiating pain, tingling, or numbness in your extremities are all signs of a pinched nerve. If you suffer from a pinched nerve, and especially if your doctor has recommended surgery, it’s time to consider a pinched nerve injection. Dr. Alexander Kulick is an expert in pinched nerve injections, which use a saline solution to release the nerve, eliminate your pain, and restore function. To learn more about treatment for pinched nerves, call the office on the Upper East Side of New York City or book an appointment online.

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What causes pinched nerves?

Nerve entrapment, or a pinched nerve, often occurs when soft tissues surrounding a nerve become inflamed or nearby bones are damaged, making them press against the nerve. In many cases, nerves are pinched as they travel through small tunnels in the wrists or bony areas.

Tight muscles or an injury may also be the initial cause of a compressed nerve. Over time, compression causes scarring that traps the nerve in place, making it adhere to the surrounding tissues.

What types of pinched nerves are treated with an injection?

Dr. Kulick may recommend a pinched nerve injection to treat many different compressed nerves. These are just a few examples:

Median nerve

The median nerve becomes entrapped as it passes through a small opening in your wrist called the carpal tunnel, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is also a passageway for tendons, and when they become inflamed, or if you injure your wrist, the nerve is compressed.

Ulnar nerve

This nerve is easily pinched as it travels past your elbow using a small opening called the cubital tunnel.

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve

A pinched nerve injection effectively frees the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve if it becomes pinched by a ligament. When this condition develops, you’ll have a burning pain on the surface of your outer thigh.

Saphenous nerve

The saphenous nerve runs down your leg, where it may become entrapped due to trauma or as it passes through an opening in a tendon.

What is a pinched nerve injection?

A pinched nerve injection, called hydrodissection, is a specialized procedure that frees a pinched nerve, often helping patients avoid surgery. Dr. Kulick administers hydrodissection in the office using local anesthesia.

Dr. Kulick performs an ultrasound-guided injection, directing the needle to the area of the pinched nerve. When the needle is in the right position, Dr. Kulick injects saline solution (salt and water) into the area.

The force of the saline solution frees the nerve, releasing it from scar tissue and allowing it to glide normally within the surrounding structures. As a result, symptoms like pain, tingling, and muscle weakness are relieved.

If you suffer from pain and tingling due to a pinched nerve, call Dr. Alexander Kulick or book an appointment online.